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Custom 3D modeling

custom 3d modeling

If you have your own vision of a 3D model but you don't know how to realize it, you can hire professional 3D modelers to help you. Our team has a huge experience in 3D car modeling and visualization, and you won’t ever find a better price and quality offer. Suppose you found a freelance 3D modeler, but you never know his professional level and you cannot be sure of a quality of the model he sends you. And it's your time and money.

Thus, why choose us:

  • We are reliable and professional
  • We offer you a detailed 3D modeling of a high quality
  • We make 3D models in any format you need
  • We do our work in time

You will find in our portfolio hundreds successful projects for well known brands. Сontact us and we will send you a proposal as quickly as we can.

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3D Visualization & Rendering

custom 3d visualization

Humster3D has a wide range of 3D models for rendering and visualization to choose. Please, look through our catalog, choose the desired 3D model and contact us to make an order for rendering. The price depends on such factors: original model price, model complexity and model reality. You can also provide us with your own sketches or blueprints.

We accept 3D models for visualization in a wide variety of different file formats. Humster3D also provides a complex scene staging

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Optimization of 3D models for games

custom 3d model for games

We can optimize 3D models so that they can be used for videogames and for various 3D engines, which have become popular in browser games and in games on modern mobile platforms.

We optimize the geometry of models without any additional texturing. If you need textures for your model, please, make a custom order.

You receive a finished, optimized model within 2-3 business days after the order.

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3D Animation & Presentation

custom 3d animation

We make 3D presentations, advertisements, architect walkthroughs and any kind of other video products with 3D models.

Our highly qualified and experienced specialists have performed a number of different projects of varying complexity; some of them you might see on TV. We work not only with technical videos, but also with character animation.

IIf you have a model for animation but it has no rigging, Humster3D team can take care of any models you require and make a cartoon video as well. For more information, please contact us.

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Solid conversion

If you need to use 3D vehicle model in CAD/NURBS software as a NURBS model, we will convert it for you. IGES will be the output format.

Due to conversion specificity, final model consists of a great number of surfaces. Therefore, the output files may have a large size and a complex geometry. You can also order a conversion to IGES format along with the purchase of our products. Price for the conversion is $50.

You can add this service in your shopping cart as an option to any 3D vehicle model. Please, take into consideration that we may need 1-2 business days to convert the model to a solid format.

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Custom 3D Order

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please select a custom 3D modeling. We ensure that product is created within your budget and within your deadline. Humster3D is a highly qualified 3D modeling studio. We deliver quality custom 3D models on-time and at affordable rates. Please, take into account that customized 3D model will be more expensive than a stock model of similar complexity. Please, fill in the form and we will contact you as quickly as possible.